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Home Inspection Martin & Palm Beach Florida
Home Inspection, for Insurance Agencies

Home Inspections for Insurance agencies & home owners in Jupiter, Hobe Sound, Port Saint Lucie & Stuart.
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Home Inspections for Insurance agencies & home owners in Jupiter, Hobe Sound & Stuart


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Quality Home Inspection with Total Home Inspections - Home Inspection Service for Insurance Agencies 4 - point inspections and, wind mitigation

 In Palm Beach & Martin County Total Home Inspections offers a quality inspection for new and exsisting homes, we are here to make sure you get a through 4 point inspection and wind mitigation to protect your investment.

Four Point Inspections in Palm Beach Jupiter Hobe Sound, Stuart & Port Saint Luice

What is a four point inspection?

A “Four Point Inspection” focuses only on four main areas of interest in a home:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Electrical wiring and panels
  • Plumbing connections and fixtures
  • Roof

The inspection and report describes the condition and age of these elements.

Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes (usually 25 years old or more).

Their common concern is that there may be conditions in an older home that could become a liability to them. For instance; a home with a roof nearing the end of its reliable service life may fail while under the policy and the homeowner may seek reimbursement from their insurance company for damages to the home or its contents. Similar concerns extend to the condition of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems in an older home. If these elements are in poor condition, in need of being updated or replaced or were improperly installed, they may fail and cause fire or water damage to a home.

Newer homes are assumed (by the insurance companies) to not have these problems as frequently as older homes.

Is there a standard form to fill out?

There is no industry wide standard form for a Four Point Inspection. Some insurance companies provide their own forms; however, most insurance companies will accept forms from companies that perform home inspections provided that they are filled out by qualified individuals. CPM Real Estate Inspections has developed a form that meets the requirements of most insurance companies in South Florida. They are signed by a licensed Professional Engineer.

home inspection for insurance purposes

Quality inspections for insurance purposes

Missing stairs or stair rails were one of the problems most often mentioned by insurance agents where they were asked what sort of property defects might make it difficult or impossible for a purchaser to obtain insurance.

Real Estate Inspections

home inspection for insurance purposes
4 Point Inspections for Realtors & Home Owners

Palm Beach Cities, Counties and Municipalities:

Atlantis - Belle Glade - Boca Raton - Boynton Beach - Delray Beach - Gulf Stream - Haverhill - Highland Beach - Hypoluxo - Juno Beach - Jupiter - Lake Worth - Lantana - Manalapan - North Palm Beach - Palm Beach - Palm Beach Gardens - Palm Springs - Riviera Beach - Royal Palm Beach - South Palm Beach - Tequesta - Wellington - West Palm Beach

Residential Home Inspections

All THI Real Estate Inspections are performed by a Professional licensed in the State of Florida. You will receive a type written narrative Summary Report detailing our findings. Areas of concern will be noted and cost estimates for significant repairs or replacements will be included in the report to help you evaluate the property.

The purpose of our Standard Home Inspection is to find any evidence of physical problems in the home. Some things are obvious in every home but we look for evidence of hidden problems. The kind that other home inspection companies might miss.

Our Standard Home Inspection Checklist contains over 200 items that should be thoroughly inspected in a typical home. Our Standard Home Inspection covers more than is what is required by ASHI, FABI or NABIE inspection standards. We look for broken or worn out equipment, improper construction materials, substandard workmanship, inadequate engineering design, water leaks, moisture and mold problems and structural damage from termites, wood rot or other wood boring insects.

Can I fill out the form myself?

Insurance companies want these forms filled out by certain qualified individuals such as a licensed Professional Engineer, Electrician, General or Roofing Contractor.

I had a home inspection before I purchased the home. Can I use that report instead of getting a Four Point Inspection Report?

The insurance companies do not want large reports that contain other information. They want only specific information about the HVAC, plumbing, electrical system and roof in a short one or two page signed document. Before you pay for a home inspection you should research with your insurance company if they will require a Four Point Inspection Report. You can end up paying twice for much of the same service and information gathering.

Because of the size of a Standard Home Inspection Report from CPM Real Estate Inspections it is not in a format that your insurance company needs. However, we will transfer all of the collected data to our Four Point Inspection form free of charge to our clients who have paid us for a Standard Home Inspection. You should check with your insurance company in advance to see if our Four Point Inspection form will satisfy their requirements.

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

During a wind mitigation inspection, a certified Total Home Inspection professional reports on the key features that may decrease the amount of damage your home suffers during a hurricane or strong windstorm. These features fall into several categories, such as exterior construction type, roof shape and construction methods, age of roof covering, door and window opening protection as well as the actual year the home was built. Another factor may be the elevation of a property and how it relates to wind speed.

Total Home Inspection leads the area in Wind Mitigation Inspections. We work closely with other industry leaders in educating inspectors on how to properly perform these inspections. You will receive the most detailed report that will completely satisfy the insurance carrier beyond their expectations without an additional insurance carrier reinspection.




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